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Recruitment and Consultation

Recruitment and Consultation

IT, today, is not what it was sometime back

  • • Technologies like Cloud have emerged and are being extensively used across industries
  • • Technologies like Artificial Intelligence have triggered disruptive changes in business models
  • • Technologies like Big Data have taken data security to a whole new level

To be able to leverage the new age IT and gain a powerful competitive advantage, it is critical for companies to get the right people- skilled and experienced in handling new age, IT on board. This is what we, at MintOpps help you with. We provide IT recruitment and consultation services, with a focus on new age IT job roles so that you achieve better business results.

One stop destination : MintOpps suite of recruitment Services include

Hiring permanent employees is a serious commitment. At MintOpps, we invest technology, manpower and all our expertise to ensure that you make this commitment to the right people. Our team, based on the understanding of your company's structure, processes and manpower requirements, will design and implement the recruitment process to quickly identify and line up high quality prospects for the interview. We take responsibility for the recruitment results. So, we define our success in terms of selects than on interview line-ups.

Have immediate on-site or off-site manpower requirement? We have got your back. Our deep industry knowledge helps us identify and define precisely the challenges you are facing. We provide high quality contract workers to address your immediate manpower requirement through our staffing service. Our team will work with you to draw a staffing solution that best fits your needs and budgets. Now, you go ahead and chase your business goals while we take care of the HR processes.

If short-term projects are throwing manpower challenges at you, we are there for your rescue. We hire on your behalf, candidates for short-term contracts of three-months to two-year term, to share the workload. We handle the administrative and logistic aspects of the contract staff, throughout the contract period.

Attracting and hiring top executives - leader who will make your company stand out, is a lengthy, expensive and complex process. At MintOpps we identify and connect you with candidates who not only meet the criteria specified by you, but also suit your company’s culture.

Need more reasons?

  • • Well defined Service level agreements
  • • Deep industry knowledge
  • • Fresh database of candidates from across the country
  • • Robust technology support
  • • Complete online process

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