Corporate Training

*Corporated Training Services

Value Adds

Hands-on Learning

Take advantage of the project and assignment based learning using real world use-cases

Self Paced Learning

Structured courses with self paced learning that is supported by a team of experts.

Virtual Classrooms

Realtime training with Virtual classrooms that will enable to get trained from anywhere.

Training that helps your business

Corporate learning solution from world’s leading learning platform.

State of the Art Infrastructure

Infrastructure to provide classroom training’s with LAB facility.

Outcome based training

Tools & Dashboards to track the training progress and make recommendations for new courses & Certifications

Focus Areas

AWS & Azure Cloud

Our training Program will build your Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud expertise from the ground up. You’ll learn to master the architectural principles and services of two of the top cloud platforms, design and deploy highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications and develop skills to transform yourself into an AWS and Azure cloud architect.

Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning course will make you an expert in machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence that automates data analysis to enable computers to learn and adapt through experience to do specific tasks without explicit programming.

You will master machine learning concepts and techniques including supervised and unsupervised learning, mathematical and heuristic aspects,

hands-on modeling to develop algorithms and prepare you for the role of Machine Learning Engineer.


Blockchain training has been designed for developers who want to decipher the global craze surrounding Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We will enable you to learn the core structure and technical mechanisms of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms, use the latest tools to build Blockchain applications, set up your own private blockchain, deploy smart contracts on Ethereum and gain practical experience with real-world projects.

Data Science Training – R Programming

Become an expert in data analytics using the R programming language in this data science certification training course. You’ll master data exploration, data visualization, predictive analytics and descriptive analytics techniques with the R language. With this data science course, you’ll get hands-on practice on R Cloud Lab by implementing various real-life, industry-based projects in the domains of healthcare, retail, insurance, finance, airlines, music industry, and unemployment.

Big Data Hadoop

This Big Data and Hadoop Administrator training course with furnish you with the aptitudes and methodologies necessary to excel in the Big Data Analytics industry. With this Hadoop Admin training, you’ll learn to work with the adaptable, versatile frameworks based on the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, including Hadoop installation and configuration; cluster management with Sqoop, Flume, Pig, Hive and Impala and Cloudera; and Big Data implementations that have exceptional security, speed and scale.

IOT (Internet of Things)

The internet of things is ushering a new era in science and technology, which will forever change our personal & professional lives, our customer habits and the way we do business. With the fast changing world, these latest inventions and innovations will become the norm by 2020 and we estimate more than 50 billion devices will be connected via the internet. In order to create early adaptors, we have introduces a one of its kind of course on “Internet of Things”, the next big thing in the IT industry.

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