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Event Marketing

Event Marketing

The idea behind event marketing is to allow your prospects to experience the benefits of your offerings.

Events, both online and offline are opportunity for businesses to connect with prospects, engage in a face-to-face conversation with them and convert them into customers. They are also an occasion to interact with existing customers and deepen your relationship with them.

For B2B companies, event marketing is a tactic to build their brand, give impressive experience of their products and services, and enhance their reputation. Done well, events leave a long lasting impression on attendees and ensures top of the mind recall of the company’s brand.

MintOpps’s event marketing experts plan and execute events, from scratch till end, seamlessly on your behalf, while you focus on growing your business.

Why MintOpps for Event Marketing?

To be able to attract the right audience, the event has to be tied to a concept and purpose that appeals to them. Our team will conduct a thorough research to understand your prospects and what matters to them the most.

After identifying the opportunity, we determine the goals, select channels for connecting with audience, convey benefit to them, estimate demand for the event, plan budgets, and decide the location and time of the event.

In short, we draw an event marketing strategy that fits into your overall marketing strategy.

Pre-event activities like creating an event page or website, promoting the event on social media and building anticipation around the event are the foundation for the event. At MintOpps, we pay attention to every minute detail and meticulously execute the tasks necessary to successfully launch the event.

First, our web development team will create a website with description of the event, pre-event content, videos, details of speakers, pre-event quotes from stakeholders, a prominent Call-To-Action and easy to use registration forms. Meanwhile, the social media team will build a community and drive quality leads to the website, using Hashtags, Tweets, engaging posts, webinars, live chats and Blogs.

Participation of attendees is the key to success of the event. Out events team takes every step to make the event engaging for the attendees. While the underlying purpose of the event is educating the attendees about your brands, we ensure that it is done in quality way. Live updates about the event, pictures, tweets and quotes from participants can attract the attention of the social media community. Leverage technology to take the event to audience who could not attend it.

Need more reasons to hire MintOpps?

  • • Step-to-step documentation
  • • End-to-end support for event marketing
  • • Technology and manpower support
  • • Periodic reviews
  • • Measurement across media
  • • Analytics to measure the effectiveness of the event
  • • Meaningful brand experience to attendees

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