Pre Screening Services

One of the most precious assets of a company is its employees. Dissimulating staff can fetch-in the fall down of an otherwise strong business. Mintopps provides best Pre screening services in Hyderabad for pre-employment and for existing staff with a background check.

A full range of quick & reliable pre screening services

A company’s status relies on the outlook, reliability, and ability of its workforce. Mintopps intends to keep the company’s name unharmed as well as minimizing the odds of being involved in expensive proceedings by doing a background check of the employees to provide the best Pre screening services for clients. No business entity is sure of an imminent employee’s qualifications and references; it’s a distressing fact that over 80th of applicants present fake or ambiguous information. Such events can have devastating consequences if a company employs an individual who is deceitful, troublesome, unfaithful or maybe dishonourable.

Furthermore, the employment of someone who is at risk of making chauvinist or racist remarks will offend clients and esteemed members of staff. The company surely wouldn’t fancy discovering at a later stage a new member of staff is inept and has misled about his skills and credentials. Our pre screening services are customized as per your requirements and budget. Whether it’s for existing staff, recruitment shortlists, new directors or contractors, Mintopps can offer you tranquillity of mind. Each company identifies how vital it is to have personnel that can be trusted and relied upon. Pre-employment screening reduces the risks significantly.

Our Pre–Employment Screening includes:

  • Employment verification
  • Academic Qualification Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Identification Proof Verification
  • Reference Credential Checks
  • Online Database Searches

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