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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is proven marketing channel for both B2B and B2C companies of all sizes. However, the success of social media marketing is not in running expensive campaigns but in contributing to social conversation. Social media is the only digital space where brands can engage in a meaningful two-way communication with their audience, instead of pushing sales messages. We at MintOpps, provide social media marketing service both in terms of delivering results in branding, relations and lead generation, and educating your marketing teams on how to take advantage of the social web.

Why MintOpps for Social Media Marketing?

MintOpp’s social experts will first conduct a social media audit of your brand to analyse its presence across social networks and provide suggestions on how to improve it. We then run a competitive analysis to find out your competitors’ tactics and gaps in their strategy that you can take advantage of. Business goals, target audience and needs of customers are all identified and documented during the social audit.

After identifying needs and opportunities you have in the social space, we work closely with your marketing team to develop a social strategy that complements your business goals. We offer realistic solutions, both niche opportunities and popular tactics. Based on the social strategy, we build your social presence- right from setting profiles on right platforms to finding the right tone and style that exactly portrays your business.

Apart from standard updates, we create compelling social ads to improve your social media presence and generate interest in your product. We identify and nurture leads using strategic storytelling and persuasive messaging. Our content team crafts high quality content and brand messages keeping in mind the nuances of each social platform. To elicit participation from audience, we engage the through social media contests.

In times when more and more companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon, a company’s social activity cannot stop with making ‘n’ posts per day. Instead of adding clutters, we spark conversations among your audience to get you more brand coverage. Our team constantly combs social networks to observe who are talking about you and what they are saying. You can always count on us to turn your customer problems into appreciation, anytime.

Need more reasons to hire MintOpps?

  • • Online reputation management
  • • Suggestions based on experience, new trends, research and deep understanding of your business
  • • Insights into audience responses and campaign effectiveness through data-rich reports
  • • Brand relevant community building
  • • Blog strategy development

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