5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019

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When it comes to promoting technology it’s necessary to be prior to the curve when adopting trends. we are planning to look at the landscape of Digital Marketing trends as we move into the New Year to assist you to beat that curve. I am going to give you the top 5 Digital marketing trends that will be prominent in 2019

There are several new digital marketing trends and techniques that are evolving in the current hi-tech, Internet-connected era and businesses now need to use them to succeed in their efforts, as what worked for you last year might not work this year.

Here are five key digital marketing trends you need to look after for 2019.

1. Voice will raise continuously

Voice will rise continually

The advances made in recent years in the fields of language processing, conversation interfaces, automation, and machine learning and deep learning processes have enabled virtual assistants to become more and more intelligent and useful.

Almost one-third of the three.5 billion searches performed on Google every day are voice searches currently, with personal assistant devices leading the way.

Voice search differs from the standard desktop or mobile search. once you open Google on your browser and type in your search query, you’ll see many pages of search results. It’s not that hard to be one among them.

When you ask Siri a question, it’ll give you just a couple of results. more often than not it’ll only provide you with one result. If your website is one of them, the CTR will potentially be much higher. However, it must be there in the 1st place.

Therefore, crafting your SEO strategy for voice search is crucial. Ways you can do that is build your search phrases more conversational and less like written terms. typically, written searches are just keyword bundles.

2. Chatbots and AI are here to stay

Chatbots and AI are here to stay

Chatbots help brands to boost customer service while keeping a lid on budgets. Chatbots are faster than humans in giving any data-related answers and taking requests. they have} humour and personalities and provide customized service to any customer in need, any time.

Chatbots will be integrated with a website, an application, and even with a social media platform. They also gather user info that may later be accustomed to higher tailor marketing strategies.

According to Grand view analysis, the global chatbot market is reaching $1.2 billion with 26 % annual growth rate. And the analysis also found that 48 % of end users like using them as a primary mode of communication in customer service.

It’s estimated that in the next five years, approximately 80th of business communications with customers are going to be performed through bot messengers.

With the chatbot market on the continual increase, it’s necessary for businesses to see how they’ll integrate it into their strategy. may it be a simple customer service assistant or even a way of promoting features and offers, now is the time to urge the technology in place.

There is, of course, the significant use of AI and machine learning in these systems but I will come to that in a while.

3. AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning, and AI have driven increasingly} more efficient data analysis, making it easier for marketers to deliver hyper-personalization to their customers, as well as content personalization and unique journeys.

“Marketers should look to how they’ll use AI as a way to understand what content a potential customer is intense, whether or not it’s marketing generated content, support or technical documents or user-generated, which will allow for a lot of personalised customer experience and high customer satisfaction,”

-Lisa Matherly, VP of Content marketing at McAfee.

In 2019, we expect to visualize a lot of marketer’s set-up predictive lead scoring, deploy complex trigger-based campaigns and invest in greater depths of dynamic content to serve customers at each phase of the user journey.

What it all comes all the way down to is personalization. rather than relying on a marketer’s manual effort to create different experiences for groupings of people, machine-learning algorithms offer a scalable way for marketers to form distinctive experiences for individuals.

With machine learning, instead of giving the pc lots of rules to follow, we’re programming it to learn everything it will about a person and choose the expertise most likely to appeal to that person. And for machine-learning personalization to be handiest, marketers should be able to build their own “recipes” that tell the pc what styles of info to consider once determining someone’s digital expertise.

A customizable recipe begins with the choice of 1 or a lot of pre-programmed base algorithms. These algorithms are often simple, like displaying things that are trending or recently published, or they’ll be more advanced, like cooperative filtering or decision trees.

Coupled with chatbots, machine learning will do that. Imagine the possibilities!

4. Video is still going to be at the top of the tree

Video continues to be winning the race of most successful medium of marketing in 2019 and this is set to continue into 2019. This makes sense, because of the average span of customers is short, and the majority would rather watch a video than read a blog post.

Live video has been an oversized factor in marketing because it directly connects engaged customers to products and services. If you want to catch consumer attention, then you may presumably find them on social media. Platforms like Facebook Live have given marketers the chance to be in the face of their target market.

Next year, live video feeds can still explode, but the vital aspect going forward will be originality. Interactive video and imaginative video marketing that encourages user engagement can quickly outperform video for the sake of moving photos. consumers lose interest quickly — brands that use video to engage and excite users can win.

The importance of video can’t be unpretentious according to HubSpot. simply adding a video to an email boosts click-through rate by a staggering 200–300 % and golf stroke one on a landing page will increase conversion rate by 80 %.

So, make sure you don’t fall behind in the video arena. In almost every area of promoting, it outperforms other mediums. look at your business activities and estimate the best way to get video promoting incorporated into your strategy.

5. Choose your reality : AR or VR

Choose your reality: AR or VR

These 2 have taken a bit of your time to hit the big leagues but there is significant evidence that they’re about to. For those that don’t know: increased reality is imagery/video bedded on top of reality whereas virtual reality could be a completely generated reality through the use of a head-mounted device.

There are several inventive ways that in which marketers will use them to create a lot of visceral experience for consumers. It ties into the video perfectly but hands the control of the video to the user. It makes for immersive expertise and immersion is a sure-fire way to connect with a consumer through a spread of senses and emotions.

Businesses are already embracing the ability of this new technology in creating whole awareness, as well as in selling individual merchandise. IKEA, for instance, has been using VR gaming technology since 2016. With its shopping app, IKEA VR expertise, its customers’ will try out completely different IKEA solutions before shopping for them. other huge players that have experimented with AR include Nivea, Starbucks and Volkswagen.

How to make these work for you 

I have shared a lot of various trends to expect to envision in 2019 here and I would not expect a single business to implement all of them at once. it’s important to look at competitors and similar industries to see what they have done in these areas.

Be smart at something instead of OK at various things so concentrating on one in every one of these areas would be a better use of funds and time. this is not to say just pick the best sounding or one you most enjoy yourself. If it does not have a place in your marketing strategy then you would be wasting funds if you plough funds into something that will not resonate together with your target demographic.

Do prudent research to see if your target market is curious about AR before investing in it. The video is expensive but it’s way cheaper than the likes of AR and VR. you’ll also find to incorporate a voice chatbot into your CRM so do not just place one in for the sake of it.

Always think, am I able to create this work for my business and then go from there.

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