5 Reasons To Include Video In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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As the digital marketing industry becomes a crucial part of a business, finding ways to differentiate yourself from the competition can need to be an increasing focus. interestingly, one among the most powerful and important mediums to accomplish this is the employment of video promoting.

While it might appear overwhelming initially, the reality is that there’s a growing number of digital marketing firms that specialize in serving to companies produce high-quality videos for their digital marketing efforts.

Beyond that, the advantages of videos are increasingly compelling for businesses. Here are some of the examples:

Customers trust videos over blocks of text

Studies have shown that videos generate a lot of trust in customers than blocks of text or infographics. This is smart intuitively since the production prices of a video would discourage a spammer or fly-by-night website from creating them. Some studies indicate that over half of consumers feel more assured when considering a purchasing decision when there’s a high-quality video on the page. think about how this could impact your conversion rate and you will begin to see why video is turning into so popular.

Videos can create a compelling pitch more quickly than reading would. instead of allowing the visitor to read or skim no matter a part of the page they choose to, a video is hyper-focused to get the points you would like to get across as quickly as possible. By making the case through a video, guests to the page can quickly know whether they wish to continue reading.

Video will increase conversion

Videos resulting in improved conversions is not just a hypothesis or theory, it’s been backed up by several extensive business studies. Videos are great because of they get visitors to stay on a page for longer, which suggests they’re more likely to click another link once (or before) the video is over, increasing engagement and the likelihood that they’ll convert to a sale, a mailing list, or something else useful.

Many people simply opt to watch a video rather than reading an extended block of text about your company or product. while it is important to have the text available for those who want to read it, videos have a much lower barrier to entry for the visitor. As a result, they are more likely to stay around to learn something interesting or compelling about your company or one of your products, that successively can lead to higher conversions.

Video is great for SEO

Google has long understood that users like video. As a result, Google heavily rewards websites that feature videos. Websites that have high-quality videos will often outrank websites that might well be more authoritative, according to Google.

Beyond the direct benefit that Google bestows on websites with videos, there are other secondary advantages as well. Google tracks how long visitors stay on a specific page on your website, still as to how long they are on your website overall. If those guests are watching a video for several minutes, this can translate to extended average time on a website, which Google tends to reward with increased page rankings.

Videos also increase the likelihood that a visitor can click on to a different page. as with length of visit, Google tracks how many pages a visitor clicks on before leaving, therefore this is a new method that a web page can benefit from a video. you’ll be able to track this information in your analytics software to check how visitor traffic flows after watching a video.

Most of the Content marketing is Video

video marketing

Businesses should evolve with the times or die out. By 2020, online content can consist of 90 % video marketing, and mobile consumption of video content continually rises by 100% annually. consider the subsequent statistics:

93 % of consumers indicate product videos directly inform purchase decisions.

96 % of videos viewed via mobile area unit shared compared to other modes of access.

98 % of consumers retain communicated information through video, while only 8 % retain information from reading.

Companies utilizing video content experience a 62 % increase in traffic through web searches compared to others who don’t include video in their content strategies.

Video offers the best return on investment, as 65.9 % of marketing experts agree.

How do you take this data and utilize it in your content marketing? which social platforms do you have to target? consumers connect with these percentages of branded videos daily: 68 % on Facebook, 56 % on YouTube, 46 % on Instagram, 39 % on Snapchat and 33 % on Twitter.

Where are Your Consumers?

Though video marketing grows exponentially, classic marketing techniques and queries remain relevant. where do your customers hang out online? which platform allows you to best categorical yourself via video?


Will your business grow interested through stories on Instagram or by teasing reveals of a new product on Snapchat?

Will you publish a miniseries regarding wine-making as you begin your own micro-vineyard on YouTube? Users publish over 300 hours of video content hourly on the platform — usually hailed as the granddaddy of video platforms. However, Facebook is on the increase with its video streaming. keep in mind that 49 % of customers connect with video streaming on Facebook.

Don’t discount which platform fits with your whole the best. Your consumers will resonate with this fact, and you may fish in the right pond for the customers you designed your products and services for in the 1st place. continue to grow, and don’t be afraid to experiment. just know with honesty and transparency.

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