Bing Ads launches page feeds for easier Dynamic Search Ads management

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Bing Ads launches page feeds for easier Dynamic Search Ads management

Page feeds in Bing Ads are rolling out to all accounts over successive few weeks to assist advertisers manage targets for Dynamic Search Ads.

Why should you care? Page feeds eliminate the necessity to create targets for specific URLs or groups of URLs in your DSA campaigns, making it easier to set up and manage. Bing Ads’ page feeds are also compatible with Google Ads’ page feeds; thus, you’ll use the same feeds across both platforms.

What are DSA’s? Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are automatically matched to queries based on the advertiser’s website content. which means there’s no need to create lists of keywords for DSA campaigns. Moreover, advertisers target groupings of URLs or specific web pages. Bing Ads are served based on your landing page content. Bing Ads will dynamically generate an ad title and pairs it with the generic ad copy the advertiser has entered. By their terribly nature, DSAs means you’ve got a lot less control over once and how your ads appear.

How do page feeds work? you’ll transfer a page feed from the Business data in the Shared Library in your Bing Ads account. Or, if you’re already victimization page feeds in Google Ads, you’ll be able to upload those and their various page feed campaign associations from Google Ads.

There are 2 columns in a page feed: Page URL and Custom Label. you’ll cluster the URLs into dynamic targets victimization the Custom label column within the page feed, otherwise you will do that in Bing Ads Editor. URLs are often appointed to 1 or a lot of teams within the custom column employing a punctuation apparatus. you’ll cluster URLs by product sort, sale or promotion, seasonality, for instance.

To associate a feed with a DSA campaign, choose the option to “Use URLs from my page feed only” underneath the Targeting supply section in the campaign settings. or you will opt for the option to focus on page feed URLs and any auto targets you’ve established based on Bing’s crawl of your website.

Then you can assign dynamic ad targets from the custom labels you established in your page feed, as shown in the screenshot below.

Bing Ads launches page feeds for easier Dynamic Search Ads management

Bonus. in the DSA search terms report, that shows the queries that triggered your DSA ads, Bing Ads can show you whether a Final URL came from a page feed or not in a new “Feed URL” column.

For more on Bing Ads page feeds, explore the support page.

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