Contract Staffing

The market dynamics are constantly changing as you are growing your business and strategically targeting new staff for specific projects is in demand.

Our Temporary and contract staffing consultancy in Hyderabad will provide you access to qualified and skilled personnel outside your network, ensuring that your operation remains fully functional and stress-free at all times. This might be due to your business experiencing peaks and troughs in the operation due to seasonal demand, project work or temporary gaps created by leave or other situations.

MintOpps has been providing businesses with Solutions for their Temporary & contract staffing consultancy needs. We work with some of the Premier Companies across the globe, including most of the Fortune 500 as well as small to mid-sized corporations with full of growth potential.

*Contract Staffing

contract staffing consultancy Service Offerings

Recruitment Support

Structured On-boarding

Associate Training

Payroll management


How does Temporary & Contract staffing consultancy work?

When you need a position filled, we will match your specific requirements from a large talent pool and find the right characteristics and skills to get the job done. Once you have approved the selected candidate, this person is then on-boarded in your operation and becomes part of your payroll for a pre-determined length of time. A service fee is invoiced depending on the length of the contract and the weekly structure of hours.

We have options readily available for each of the following sectors and we are happy to share how we can help you to attract, recruit and retain the best staff for your organisation.

Approach us when you need people for a short duration, a specific project, or to tide over your seasonal staffing requirements.

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