Do You Know How Much Time Digital Marketers Spend on Personal Facebook at Work?

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The Digital Marketing Magic of Social Media Polls

Do you like polls? Or do you love polls?

Thanks to social media polls, obtaining feedback from your audience on queries like these is simpler than ever. Twitter got on the bandwagon early on; more recently, Instagram has created polling even more visual and interactive by adding the choice to its Stories feature.

Eliciting and incorporating Customer feedback has invariably been necessary to marketers, and surveys, polls, and selection will drive excitement. What’s attention-grabbing regarding polls on Social media is however they create capturing information and interesting users so intimate and immediate. On Instagram Stories, for instance, users will get feedback on what outfit to wear or wherever to travel to dinner in a very matter of seconds. Take a photograph or video, add the two-option poll, share, and right away begin seeing leads in period of time. The results ceaselessly update; thus, followers will keep checking back to visualize the most recent results.

Social Polling

It looks polls are having a touch of a moment on social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have polling options; on Snapchat, social polling app Polly could be a hit among teens. no doubt you’ve already seen samples of polling in action from influencers, friends, and even a brand or 2.

Do You Know How Much Time Digital Marketers Spend on Personal Facebook at Work?

Facebook is the world’s most Famous social Media Platform with over 2 billion active users every month.

It has not only become a venue for people to attach with friends and family, however additionally an area wherever businesses and organizations will build their brands and interact with customers.

What began as a way for Digital Marketers to connect has grown into one of the world’s largest social networks. In fact, it has also become one of the best marketing resources too. But if you want to be successful on Facebook, you have to dig below the surface and familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the platform and analytics.

As Facebook is necessary for personal and professional reasons, let’s admit it, it can be a huge time-waster and productivity-killer.

Mintopps wants to know how much time Digital marketers spend on their personal Facebook accounts while at work, so we asked our Facebook community.

Here are some important Facebook stats which we have got by conducting a poll on social media by breaking down the multiple dimensions—to help guide analysis report based on user comments.

Here are the results:

Social Analytics

  • Almost 15 percent of search and digital marketing pros said they typically spend 30 to 60 mins on personal Facebook while at work.
  • Around 71 percent responded that they use their personal Facebook for more than 60 mins.
  • Literally 6 percent answered they are on their personal Facebook all day.
  • At most 8 percent replied that they use their personal Facebook for about 6 hours or less.
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