Google Search Console Makes it Easy to See All Data for a Whole Domain

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Google is introducing domain properties in Search Console, that makes it simple to track all data for a whole domain.

This includes the HTTP, https, www, non-www, and m-dot versions of a web site. It additionally includes subdomains.

Here are some samples of domain properties and what they aggregate:

Previously, website owners would have had to verify each of those properties separately.

Even if you went through the trouble of doing that, reading the data would be challenging since it had been so fragmented.

Domain properties aim to solve that problem:

Here’s a way to set it up.

How to Add a website Property to search Console

Those who have already got DNS verification set up have nothing more to do. Search Console can automatically produce domain properties over consecutive few weeks.

Otherwise, follow these steps:

  • Click the property selector dropdown in any Search Console page.
  • Select + Add a property on the dropdown menu
  • Choose Domain property
  • Specify the domain to cover
  • Prove ownership of the domain with DNS verification
  • Google recommends domain properties whenever possible going forward.

Note that a domain property is atomic. that means contains data for all included URLs during the complete period of the property.

After adding a website property for the first time, data should begin to appear within a couple of days.

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