New call-to-action extension available for video Ads

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YouTube brings new call-to-action overlays in favour of new Ad Extension

Starting from January 2019, YouTube will phase out the call-to-action overlays that have been around since 2009. In its place can come a new ad extension.

What’s the difference? Not much, except that ad extensions are often applied to new and existing ads, while the overlays are created as a part of an ad. a bit like the overlays, the call-to-action extensions are aimed at getting viewers to click through to the advertiser’s website to take more action. The button is often customized with an applicable call-to-action, like “Book now,” “Get a quote” or “Sign up.” Below is an example of what the extension will look like in a TrueView in-stream ad.

New call-to-action extension available for video ads

What campaign and ad types are going to be affected? this change can apply to campaigns with branding objectives. The new ad extension is going to be available 1st for TrueView in-stream ads and eventually to bumper ads and TrueView video discover ads.

Why would you use this ad extension? Why wouldn’t an advertiser simply choose to use the relatively new TrueView for action ad format rather than the call-to-action ad extension? Designed for performance campaigns with conversion or click objectives, TrueView for action ads have calls-to-action in-built. TrueView for action ads are only available within the in-stream format and when using the Leads or website traffic campaign goals and they use automated bidding and targeting.

If you want more bidding control, or your primary campaign objective of product or brand consideration or brand awareness and reach, the new ad extension are one thing you’ll be able to look at showing together with your ads.

Why you should care. this transformation is a relatively minor one. However, if you’re currently using and finding success with call-to-action overlays or felt restricted by having to build them into the ads themselves, be prepared for the switch and accessibility of the new call-to-action ad extension at some point next month.

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