Pay ‘Tributes’ to your loved ones: Facebook’s new feature lets users post on memorialised profiles

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Pay ‘Tributes’ to your loved ones: Facebook’s new feature lets users post on memorialised profiles

Pay Tributes

  • Facebook has started introducing the Tributes section for a few users in the week
  • Tributes will separate posts shared to the profile after death from the recent ones
  • Will provide legacy contacts more control of what shows up on memorial account

Facebook has created a designated ‘tributes’ section for memorialized accounts to compile posts about a beloved who has passed on.

The move can separate recent posts and comments that were already on the user’s timeline from those shared after that person’s death, in line with TechCrunch.

This will also provide ‘legacy contacts,’ who the Facebook user allotted to take over their account, more control over content posted after the profile has been memorialized.

Facebook has begun rolling out the new Tributes section in some regions, although it hasn’t yet arrived to all users.

The feature was 1st noticed by TechCrunch, who reports that it’s distinct from the rest of the timeline in an exceedingly memorialized profile.

It’s designed to be ‘a house on memorialized profiles where friends and family will post stories, commemorate a birthday, share reminiscences and more,’ Facebook says.

These profiles are created after Facebook has been notified of a user’s death and can be managed later by a pre-determined person.

But, while they permit posts from others’ depending on the privacy settings, even the legacy contact can’t log in or browse messages.

This would still be the case with the new feature but can give legacy contacts additional control over what shows up on the profile after a person’s death.

These users will be able to turn off timeline review for tribute posts, for instance, or remove posts the somebody has been labelled in.

As of now, legacy contacts can’t take away much content from a memorialized account.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook says it’ll do its best to ‘separate tribute posts from the timeline posts based on the data we’re given.’

Legacy contacts should be selected by the Facebook user before their death. Then, once a profile has been memorialized, this person will write pinned posts, update your profile and cover photo, or request the account be removed.

But for the most part, the memorialized profile can stay unchanged.

‘Once an account is memorialized, the content the person shared (example: photos, posts) remains on Facebook and is visible to the audience with whom it absolutely was shared,’ Facebook explains.

‘If the account holder selected a legacy contact, the legacy contact will control who will post tributes on the memorialized account and who will see those tributes.’

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