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The 10 Key On-Page SEO Tips That Website Owners Should Consider

It is increasingly important for many firms and consultancies to have a web portal that not only is a modern vision of the company but generates enough traffic to meet their business objectives.

*On page- SEO

In our opinion these are the key tips that you have to know so that your website can have a good position in Google and other search engines:

1. Create unique and accurate titles for each content page you elaborate. This will allow both users and search engines to clearly understand the content you have posted.
2. Define a consistent architecture with your business model.
3. Opt for easy navigation.
4. Do not forget the users who visit your webpages or website from their smartphones.
5. Loading speed of your website.
6. Protect sensitive content and help Google to index the most relevant pages.
7. Monitor the bounce rate of your website.
8. Posting original content is very important.
9. Research on keywords that allow you to generate quality content for your potential customers.
10. Watch your index visibility.

Our ultimate goal is to have as many URLs as much as possible in the top 10 results, ie the first Google search page where we get real traffic from, and from the second page of search engine traffic generation is greatly reduced.

Hope this was helpful.

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