Is Outsourcing Marketing A Right Move for Your Company?

Marketing can be one of the most difficult elements of running a business. Following trends and learning new ways to increase engagement is often very overwhelming. If your business struggles with this, you will need to think about outsourcing. Here are some of the key pros and cons of outsourcing marketing: Pro: [...]


Google Ads Pay for Conversions Bidding in Display Campaigns

Advertisers can pay Only for Conversions rather than Clicks or Impressions. Google has announced the availability of conversion based mostly bidding for new good display campaigns known as “Pay for conversions”. The Google display Network includes over three million websites and apps and offers nearly as many ways to focus [...]


Instagram Rolls Out Direct Short Voice Messaging Option for all Users

Instagram is rolling out voice messaging support to all users across the world, the corporate has confirmed. With the new feature, that was 1st tipped earlier this year, users can simply send brief voice messages to a different user in private, a feature already obtainable on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Instagram confirmed [...]


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